About Me

Amelie J Rose is a writer and musician from Merseyside, UK.

She is the author of the upcoming novel TWISTING FATE, a dark psychoanalytical modern Gothic fantasy designed to divide opinion (why play safe?!).

Amelie J Rose has been writing all her life. Her first published work was a short story, EMMA, when she was just 16, which led to the publication of several more short stories and some of her poetry. Amelie is also a commissioned playwright, having written an educational play commissioned by the University of Liverpool, which toured secondary schools throughout North West England.

She has a degree in English Literature from Liverpool John Moores University.

In addition to TWISTING FATE she is currently working on two other writing projects: a lighthearted paranormal novel, BLOODRUSH IN VEGAS; and a musical play called FAITH.

Amelie is also a singer and songwriter, and has performed at several prestigious events, festivals and holiday camps throughout the UK. Music videos and live footage can be seen on her YouTube channel Amelie J Rose.

Follow Amelie @ameliejrose on Twitter.